What is Reimbursement Alimony?

Information Provided by our Houston Spousal Support Attorney

Photo of Overdue NoticeReimbursement alimony is a type of alimony in which one spouse reimburses the other for an expense that he or she paid on behalf of the other spouse. This form of alimony is typically ordered in instances in which one spouse supported the other in his or her career advancements. Examples of instances in which reimbursement alimony may be ordered include situations in which one spouse assisted the other in obtaining an advanced degree or professional license, either by paying the education expenses directly or by supporting the spouse while he or she goes to school to receive a degree.

Whether reimbursement alimony is awarded often depends upon the surrounding circumstances, particularly on the length of time between receiving the degree and the time of divorce. For example, if a wife supports a husband during law school and they file for divorce six months after he receives his law degree, the wife will likely be entitled to reimbursement alimony. If, however, they divorce five years after the husband receives his law degree, the wife will not likely be able to receive reimbursement alimony. She may, however, be entitled to the value of the degree when the marital assets are divided.

Reimbursement alimony can be paid as a lump sum. But it is more commonly paid over a period of time, because it is not paid until the spouse who received support begins benefiting financially from his or her degree or professional license. Unlike many other types of alimony arrangements, reimbursement alimony does not terminate upon remarriage.

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