Alimony Overview

Our Houston Spousal Support Attorney Understands the Unique Situations Divorcing Couples Face

Spouses often have unequal earning and income capabilities when they decide to divorce. In such situations, a court may order payments from one to the other on a temporary or permanent basis. Texas alimony, also called spousal support or maintenance, is not automatic. A court will only order alimony in certain circumstances where one spouse is unable to provide for him or herself after a divorce. Judges consider requests for support based on a variety of factors including: the length of the marriage, whether one spouse was the primary caretaker of children, the standard of living of the marriage and the relative earning capacities of both partners. It is essential to have a qualified Houston alimony lawyer represent a party in a divorce to ensure that support is adequate in both amount and duration.

Why You Need an Attorney

Not all spouses will receive alimony, and those who do may only be entitled to it for a limited period of time. Once a decision regarding alimony is determined by a court, it is extremely difficult to modify or change the judge’s order. This is why it is essential for anyone in need of alimony to be represented by an experienced Houston spousal support attorney from the very beginning of the divorce proceeding. Do not allow your right to support to slip away; contact a Houston alimony attorney today to learn how you can receive the financial assistance you deserve.